About Chapter

The Founding Members of the Chapter developed very clear objectives which are as relevant today as they were at the time of its consecration in 1999. They still form the basis on which the Chapter operates and to which it directs its efforts, namely

To serve Freemasonry in the Masonic Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings by such activities as may best encourage and assist in promoting the principles of The Royal Arch but particularly in the development of a sense of Provincial unity.

To assist the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, his Deputy and Co-Principals, as directed and required at any appropriate Masonic function and to ensure the maintenance of the highest standards within and without the Chapter on any such occasion.

To encourage the advancement of Masonic knowledge, dignity and charity throughout the Province by excellence in example and professionalism in working.

Its members are drawn from those appointed each year by the Grand Superintendent as Provincial Grand Stewards and who, for the time they remain members, are active across the Province in supporting events and functions and ensuring that they meet the objectives set out above.

The First Principal of the Chapter is a personal appointment made by the Grand Superintendent and, just as with the Stewards Lodge, this is for a two year term.

The Chapter formally meets 3 times a year at Malton but, because of its role throughout the Province, it also meets on an ad hoc basis informally to plan and prepare for major events. In addition there are working groups within the Chapter which co-ordinate and deliver a range of activities to support Chapters and Lodges which include “Chapter Meets Craft”, lectures and presentations, “Royal Arch Questions and Answers” and very recently “Workshops for Principals”.

Members, who wish to do so, join one or more of the teams offering these activities in addition to their involvement in those events where you traditionally see them such as Provincial Grand Chapter and assisting at Provincial Grand Lodge amongst other things.